So, on Tuesday, I made homemade beef pho. It was wonderful. Do you know why it was more wonderful? Because it was December 1st – and I was able to sprinkle chopped handfuls of cilantro, japanese mustard, arugula, parsley, and mint on it. I can’t believe all that stuff is

Horrible, pooey Thanksgiving Turkey Cakes. For more, see

Art Deco Drive Miami – great trip except for the fire in the condo and the sharks at the beach. Everglades were super and the people were fun and friendly.

24 hours of global flights, compressed. Very cool. Can this help with my fear of flying??

Martha Stewart on Sarah Palin – she’s just verrrry boring to me. Heehee.

Poker Face – The Remix

New Bike Lanes on 15th Street heading south, Crossing RI Avenue. Not only are they going the wrong way down a one way street, they are one way lanes, and have an entirely excessive number of yellow reflector cones outlining the entire lane at least for 5 blocks. Why on