There was so much water in the bucket, the closed ziploc bag even filled with the nasty, putrefying brown liquid. These seeds are obviously no good anymore…

Disaster! Apparently, during our last downpour, the lid of the garden box blew off, and it filled completely with water. Because there was fertilizer and potting soil in there, it rotted immediately and smelled exactly like manure tea – only worse! Sadly, all the seeds and other supplies had

Christmas project I – stage ii…

Dec 5 – Seriously – it’s December and this is my first carrot! It’s pretty small. These are the ones I rescued from certain death by swallowtail caterpillar molestation earlier this summer. Those caterpillars that extrude a horrible smelling oily terpene on your hands when you try to pick

Well, on Saturday, December 5th, DC had its first big snowstorm of the year. It snowed allll day, but it was mixed with rain and was quite heavy and gloppy and didn’t seem to stick – except in our back garden/deck where there was no sun to melt it away.

12/6: Big pot of arugula/mustard/lettuce microgreens as well as assorted salad greens and herbs. They seemed just fine when harvested coated in a light sprinkling of ice left over from the previous day’s storm, but wanted to harvest them anyway..!

So December went from 58 to 38 degrees in a few short hours! Tomorrow DC expects its first snow showers of the year – will my garden survive? I’m super bummed because tomorrow is the FIRST time I will have time in the daylight to work on my garden