Front room – the only place (4 feet square) in the rowhouse that gets sun. So, all my recently transplanted herbs are cramming for space on the table…

Dec 12th – so sad! The back garden finally (mostly) died. Check out that frost! The roots of the plants were all mangled with the thick chunks of frost and the greens had wilted. It’s been in the 20s at night, plus there’s no sun back there to mitigate it.

More frost in the back garden – so sad, especially since my cool multicolor chard had just started to get big! You can see the yellow and pink versions in the upper left.

12/08-Fresh sage and lavender posies to dry.

December 11th – Snowstorm! (early..) The end for some of my plants.

12/8 – Radishes harvested from the front garden

New lavender posy drying in the kitchen. 12/8

Back deck – ice never melts (no sun)