Spring 2010 Garden Plan!

Early March after frost/cold temps: turn over soil in front and back garden, add lots of compost. Plant italian and kitchen sink greens mixes. Plant dill.

Late March/early April: start tomato seedlings. Plant basil and other herbs back outside when ground is warm. Plant wildflower

Ooooh, look! My new order of spring seeds arrived from pinetree garden seeds ( in Maine. They changed their packaging this year to be on-trend with American Apparel and all that other 80’s worship neon-faux cali surfer crud. You’ll also see sprouting mixes in the back for homemade sprouts.

a fresh bag of farmer’s market goodies from timor market! collard greens (again) and fresh cilantro. i might be turning green from eating collard greens – yes I know they’re good for you and all, but brassicas are seriously too much after a while. so green, so fibrous,, so

paperwhites! they are so pretty and smell so good. unfortunately, i only get one blooming out of them and i don’t have more bulbs to “cycle through” to get constant blooms until spring. these were started by my mother before christmas in a dark room until they

Cute Things Falling Asleep – click here. Perfect for today: it’s Friday, but it’s also freezing, rainy, and I just came down with a cold. Ughlets.


What is completely constructed of steel, reinforced with corrugated steel walls, able to withstand winds up to 140 mph, and can make a comfortable living space for the survivors of the Haitian earthquake? A standard shipping container. And researchers at Clemson University are scurrying to figure

Gift from Thailand! Liz’s awesome package came through today and I can’t even describe the amazing Engrish-amazingness and creatureness of the collection. I can start with this plastic makeup/pencil case entitled “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf”. Siggggh.

More treasures from Liz’s package from Thailand – this is sticky notepaper portraying a chick (with pig nose/fangs?) biting a (bear?)’s tail/foot as he peeps in surprise. Good ness gracious I wish my office could buy a dozen of these!

“Amazing ‘oily’ feel and look?” What the heck is the target market for these?

My sad little “indoor winter garden” on the table in our living room, the only place in the house that gets light (a few hours a day …). You can see the paperwhite/Narcissus bulbs are growing. The shorter ones were in my bedroom but not doing well so I