Wilbur Sangunaraj – he wants a love marriage! Awesome use of auto tuner. Take that, AKON.

these were being sold next to the peeps and baby bath at safeway this weekend. i thought it was a baby doll until i saw the HAIR poking out of it’s pants and shirt. wtf? i looked it up and apparently this was a big 80’s japanese import fad. you

You have such a trashy garden.

This is the chinese cabbage after it emerged from its snowbank this week. It is still alive! It has a friend, too.

I indulged in some dreaming about growing things yesterday when I called Garden District to inquire about compost. As soon as the freezing nights (and yes,  more snow is predicted for tomorrow) are over I want to amend my tiny garden beds with some compost and start planting


Pruned: The Hydrological Schoolyard

Mount Tabor Middle School Rain Garden
(Before. Photo by Kevin Robert Perry.)

Mount Tabor Middle School Rain Garden
(And the marvelous after. Photo by Kevin Robert Perry.)

Why couldn’t we have had a SNOWDRAGON in our neighborhood for the storm? Instead, nature taking its course resulted in the lingering crusty snowbanklets infested with wet dutch master’s butts, skoal containers, candy wrappers and granulated dog turds?

sunset @ PWM

view out back window – note giant “ice tumor” hanging from our electrical wires. it was swaying in the rather strong wind and i’m a little worried. side note related to the gardening theme of this blog – THE BACK YARD IS STILL COVERED IN 3 FEET OF SNOW!