daffodillio shoots!

Meta Hat

So, the past 4 days have been sunny and 50s! Feels great, especially since I haven’t gotten spring allergies …. yet. There is surprisingly a lot of random snow left around town, in disgusting little gray encrusted piles, however. I haven’t had much time to planĀ  my spring planting so

So we know that “trends” don’t really mean the same thing in DC as they do in the rest of the world (they arrive later, they linger longer) but the cupcake things is officially out of control here. Not only did Georgetown Cupcake expand (of course..) but there are at

look at my chinese cabbage now that it sees the sun! funny. it lay there all winter under the cold and snow (i planted this in october i think?) and just sort of dormant-ized but didn’t die. it’s 60 and sunny today – but supposed to rain by the

was going to enter the washington post peep diorama competition for easter 2010, but i was soooo super sick all weekend i totally lost motivation. in case you can’t tell, they’re protesting in front of the white house, but i got too tired to create all the individual “tea