The chinese cabbage – in less than 10 days went from growing green leaves to giant sprouted bolted blooming stalks! My mother said let it grow and bloom to attract bees, so I have.

great falls N.P. the water is very high

great falls national park – learning to climb – it was super fun and i didn’t fall into the water (below)

daffodils from home into the office…


Freaking Freaky Freak Freaks

Balkan Beat Box! Great concert. Best in a long time. Real dancing. Sweaty.

Rainy Sunday – went outside and cleared away all the rotten bean vines, weeds which have already started to grow, and cat poo/rock/clay amalgamations from the winter in the back alley. So excited to plant! I ran out of daylight but thanks to “Spring Ahead” I’ll hopefully have more time

Front garden with all the surviving vegetables after the long winter! The chinese cabbage isn’t really edible because I planted it in the fall, it somehow “reset” and is now going to seed instead of producing cabbagey blossoms.