Spring garden beds – March 14th. Onions – i guess i planted those last year and they lived through the winter? anyone know how that works???

Leslie and the Lys – so amazeballs.

so  it’s almost 90 degrees right now – sunny, hot, and yeah, the typical dc heat with no cooling breezes or coolness at night. i’m wondering if i should plant my beans and stuff yet, but it might get cooler this weekend? hmmmmm….

Design-By: Yvette Laduk.

Why oh why can’t I be this cool? Dream job, dream house. On my own Dutch canal! So cool. Love the wood and crazy wall holder sculptures – click to see more design objects.

so freaking cool – “Goshin” by John Naka at the National Arboretum. Looked up what type of tree it is. It’s a “Foemina Juniper” and it usually looks like this, and some background tells you about “Goshin”. I wonder why the Arboretum had zero information




Planted radishes a week and a half ago – they have already sprouted, so I need to thin them. Planted kitchen sink mix and italian greens mix in the front and in the back this past weekend, they haven’t shown yet. It’s still pretty cold at night (tonight might get

The chives, oregano and thyme that magically overwintered! The Chives have burst into growth in the past week.