hello! you were delicious. we ate you in california. you were the treat for getting through all of rainy oregon in one day.

in Seattle…old collection of fortune telling games and magic tricks in a shop

Hello Olympic Peninsula Mountains!

Hello Alki Beach!

So, I’ll be traveling here as of Friday. I’m sure I’ll be seeing lots of amazing new places, spaces, and urban design, as well as some crappy sprawl, and hopefully some cool gardens and nature. I bet I’ll even send a few crappy camera phone pictures of said places to

Well it’s been “real Spring” temps here the past two weeks – that is, 40s at night, high 60 day, some rain, some clouds. So, perhaps I was a little hasty putting out my basil babies into the front herb pots? I hope they don’t die. Out back, I have

How much do I want this right now? Oh design/architecture/home/travel magazines, how you make us feel so sad and depressed in our flourescent lit offices listening to nasty car horns.  From Dwell.


unhappyhipsters:(Photo: Gary Tarleton; Dwell)

Event @German Embassy Washington with Atelier Dreiseitl and McDonough/Braungart. So Cool.