Fresh bowl of “spicy italian” mixed greens. God damn these are spicy! I can’t identify everything in there, but it definitely includes mustard greens, broccolini, purple kale, arugula, onions, and dill.


Painting by Fran Henig

So got back from my trip and realized that all the baby cucumber and squash seedlings did not sprout or basically died. They were really dried up so i think they probably “hatched” through their shells and then

Spicy italian microgreens – grew a lot more than “micro” while I was gone on my trip. oops! going to eat them tonight on a crusty pizza shell with some tomato sauce.

Very old rosemary (bush? tree?) in the San Francisco Botanical Garden. They had several of these in the “fragrance garden”. Lovely!!

Super-cool Aloe Polyphylla (spiral aloe, from south africa) at the SFO botanical garden. mommy, i want one.

Near Westport, CA – coming down out of the Redwood Highway bursting into the coastal sun and wind on Highway 1.

Saw this often in Oregon and Washington (drive-thru espresso) endlessly amused me. The cooler part is that this is a freeway-side gas station near Eugene, OR that turned out to be not only a brownfield-development Biodiesel filling station, but the building was a an eco-roof establishment that sold locally

please note the type of pancake available after “wheat”

In the Hawthorne district of Portland, OR. Also, part of why Portland would have been tot-a-lee ideal for me at 19, but not so much anymore.

best game/license plate ever