tomato plants @back patio

purple violetto pole beans: loving the humid gross weather

deer’s tongue lettuce; chives

cucumber seedlings from ace hardware – replacing the seedlings that died (or didn’t sprout) on my trip out west

The Harvard Sailing Team – sketch comedy

15th and K streets nw – this is the union protest that’s been going on outside this building for weeks on end. it includes bucket drumming. the building was built while i worked here, but remains empty except for the brazilian consulate on the bottom floor – always full

Back garden – basil seedlings, mint, tomato seedlings.

The Spicy Italian MicroGreen Invasion

Radish harvest!

ANSWER TO MYSTERY PLANT (Fall 2009) it was CHAMOMILE! So wierd. It was these plants that looked like sea succulents all fall, winter, and early spring, then suddenly in like two weeks, they sprouted and magically bloomed into four giant CHAMOMILE plants! Does anyone know what to do with