cucumber plants out front – they appear to actually like the hot sun out front and are growing like crazy. they even have flowers! however, their leaves have also developed the same white spots that all the other plants in the garden have (even the weeds). could it be the

tomato plants in front – looking a lot healthier and bigger than the ones out back – have set flowers. however, there’s some yellow spotting. not sure what its from – but it has been REALLY hot lately

hibiscus buds! does anyone know how to tell which types you can make tea from?

more yellowing on the dill plants – not sure why. only the greens seem to have escaped being spotty, yellowed, or dry.

purple violetto pole beans – seem to be doing quite well except for many of the leaves (like the other plants in the garden including weeds growing up the fence!) have mottled pale yellow or white coloring on my many leaves. not healthy.

the squashes (or zucchinis? not sure – this was the mix i bought to replace the seedlings that died…) have set flowers! they appear to be doing OK except for the bottom leaves. the netting this year will keep out CATS

Soooo I’ve been away every weekend and have not been working in my garden as much as I should! However, I’ve noticed that everything’s doing quite well – except for my basil. What is wrong, poor basil? You are not growing fast enough to make pesto and for that I

Hot, humid thunderstorms. I’ll be out of town for the weekend at the equally hot and humid Eastern Shore – I hope the flash flooding doesn’t kill the garden!

lookin’ fluffy: dill, onions, weeds