Growing amarylli(?) in the summer instead of at Christmas! You should try it. This thing grew in like 10 days.

hello kukumber! this thing grew from 1 inch to 7 in about 4 days.

Horrible picture quality, but quality eats. Bowl of freshly harvested dill, mint and italian spicy greens mix. They’re big enough to identify now – and as Andrew noted, includes many “brassicas” – mustard greens, purple kale, arugula, lettuce, and watercress.

Beautiful first hibiscus greeted me in the garden this morning – but I expect to see it dead this evening, wilted in the 100 degree heat. Ugh.

Very interesting – though several years old – article about food marketing in the realm of seafood. If you’re interested in how I linked to it, I was checking out the menu for a restaurant I’m visiting for a friend’s birthday tonight. The menu had Jonah Crab listed

Read this great article in the Washington Post today – what a cool idea! The naturalist Peter del Tredici (see article) is actually working on a field guide to “northeast urban plants”. Think about those abandoned lots you see – sprouting with many more plants and life than

the front garden – the lavendar died in the Snow-pocalypse so in the former lavender pots I have planted ….. granite rocks from my home of Maine since I don’t have time to grow anything else before moving (!) The herb pot contains marjoram, chives and thyme because the