Beautiful fresh apricots light orange and soft – perfect for the apricot tart they shall become. from the bloomingdale farmer’s market

Cucumbers! Sooooo good. Isn’t it sad that some people will never taste anything except those waxy dark green seed monsters they sell at the grocery store? I made a sandwich with homemade dill-onion bread, a fresh tomato from the farmer’s market and some mayonaiise for a taste of childhood.

mega-cucu-vine. it started in the tiny raised bed and has grown four feet out of it, and is heading up the stairs!

Cucumber harvest #1! The small green ones I watched grow in less than one week. They were perfect in a serving of cucumber-yogurt soup (xergis) made by jonathan. If you want to try your own it is the most delicious food on earth, especially with some crackers or bread.

Lunch: One fresh raw cucumber from the garden dipped in creamy dressing. Afterwards: Only a couple seeds left. Delicious!

Cucumber emerging from its reproductive beginnings….

Fresh Dill! Going straight into a jar to make cucumber pickles.

Pole beans – three plants died, this one is healthy and twining along the fence

Wow! Tiny tomatoes already in the back deck plant.