Arrived in the Bay Area but still seeking our next house/apartment/home/roost and HOPEFULLY a place to garden! People are so stingy about using their available space to garden – what a shame. In the meantime, a few little pics to catch up before I get back to regular posting.

I’m pretty sure this a passionflower. Beautiful! Seen on a walk/march of death apartment hunting in San Francisco.

Still without good internet access & no phone access for now – sorry no pictures!

I’ve added a couple more links to the sidebar for you – you can accesss my portfolio, my LinkedIn profile and now, my resume! Exciting. Here’s a little link for you:


hey guys! since it’s too much work to have two blogs, portfolios, facebook and so on while i’m on the road (and only access internet every 4 days) check out our trip blog at to check out amazing pictures from every corner of the US and follow

Flora Grubb Succulents (including vertical walls & hanging pocket gardens!) Just another reason I’m SO excited about SFO…

cucumber growing on the electric box

bouquet of spicy italian microgreens gone wild – and now fullgrown. fully sized leaves of kale, lettuce, mustard and (?) with an underlayer of spicy watercress growing in their shade.