wonderful new succulents (as you know I was so excited about getting succulents in California, they are everywhere, although I still don’t know the varieties) I got at a yard sale run by a *HORTICULTURE STUDENT* Amazing.

New apartment – Golden Gate. How San Franciscoey. Here’s Jonathan trying to put together our new giant table, our main furniture accessory until I start working again.

Apt hunting. First day of fog in SF – a couple weeks ago.

Yardsale succulent finds!

Baker beach

So we finally finished our epic weeks long trip across the country and have finally gotten ourselves an apartment in San Francisco. Obviously, in such a big and expensive city, all my wildest apartment dreams did not come true. We do have a little courtyard/yardy thing out back for everyone

Succulents in the bath

Sad little bathroom mini garden

Planting in the bath! Couldn’t wait to move in/get furniture/get a job – and still need to figure out how to tackle the shady back yard area. No idea what will grow there. In the meantime, I’m going to use our super cool mini greenhouse window over the tub