Have you heard of the most delicious grassfed beef in all the land? (and pigs, and boars, and sheep, and veggies) Check them out here, and make sure to scroll down and see the picture of mega-boar Wild Child! Magruder-IngelHaven Ranch Facebook Page


Yup. I did it. I joined twitter. so I can tweet twaddle and twit all day long. Kidding. I have too much to do already with facebook, gChat status updates (VIP!), blog, my other blog, picasa, email, job searching, neighborhood searching, used furniture searching, lumber sourcing for my next

A few days ago I noted my new herbs weren’t doing very well. I noticed that there were small flies – no-see-ums, really – around my mint plant and the other day, discovered that tiny green worms or caterpillars were systematically eating my mint, forming little webs in the curled,

Ever since I moved here I’ve been looking for resources about growing seasons, plants that grow well here, what are all these crazy succulent varieties I’ve been seeing growing everywhere (!), where to get free city compost or leaf mulch, where to buy the best seeds, where to find the

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While the torture of unemployment continues, I’ve decided it doesn’t make sense to wait any longer to start building up my garden. The space out back is dark, shady and it’s almost November. but that’s not going to stop me! Here

Well, now that our lovely sunny and 70s weather seems to have dropped back to regular SF temps (high of 60….cloudy), my mini greenhouse doesn’t seem to get too much light. My chocolate mint seedling I purchased at the yard sale is looking very much worse for the wear and

treasure island music fest day 1

Why yes that IS an oh-so-trendy small terrarium of beautiful succulents that I bought at the yard sale!