Seedlings + interim grow light: microgreens, wormwood, basil, pac choi, sorrel

That’s a momma sow! See more pictures from our adventure in Potter Valley’s Magruder Ranch on our travel blog

Does anyone know what’s up with all these empty raised beds at the presbyterian church on divisadero and eddy?

New green shoots! Looks like mint survived the fly onslaught.

Herb pot from trader joe’s…already infested with those horrible gnats?

Seeds have arrived! Johnny’s – the first time I’m trying something other than Pinetree. Ordered some greens and herbs – this weekend I’ll head out to find the lumber for my two mini raised beds, some soil, and some starter flats for the greens. I hope they’ll grow inside

Hen…no chick? Apparently I have no idea how to identify anything. Does anyone know a good resource or book for identifying SF area plants and trees? I found this luckily, I can read German 🙂 But all I learned is that this is likely a type

Giant Tangled Aloe Bush – ID?

panhandle color