Photo: Ronald Lee

Grrrr…I think that’s what they are at any rate. Really annoying little fruit fly like things living in all my potted plants. Didn’t have them for a month and now they’re back??

Earthquake! Scary first earthquake, a possible job rejection (without it being clear enough to tell) and my NERT training cancelled! Ugh!!!!!

Dwarf puffball tree/bush? Xmas gift…will it grow indoors?

Sunset in Tahoe National Forest heading West on 80

Happy sf..rainbows….buildings check out their reflections in the bay

Jasmine from Berkeley is happily twining up its string after sprouting!

Makeshift counter, makeshift rolling pin…Spekulatius!

Look at all the things growing in our house – succulents, kombucha tea, homebrewed beer

field peas seem to be the only thing thriving in the backyard with it’s shade and cool weather