Went to Mission Bay earlier this week – neat neighborhood with lots going on! Interesting to see what will happen there. It’s like a super silent empty harbor with quiet sun and gleaming empty offices, new curbs, some old piers, and giant parking lots.

Hellow Cute Placemats! You are ready to hold my hot plates of food.

How to Make Hand Painted Placemats! You need: cotton unfinished canvas (from fabric or supply store), acrylic paints, acrylic or minwax matte or gloss varnish/finish, felt, fabric glue, iron, ridiculous idea to paint.

The previous re-post from dealbreaker reminded me that last week I was walking behind another stupid SF 20 year old girl wearing Toms shoes (in 40 degree weather with no socks) and wanted to make this graphic. So I did. Here it is.


You Wear Tom’s Shoes

Would I bang a guy in Tom’s? Fuck no. Deal breaker. Sorry. And, it’s not just because they’re ugly fucking shoes.

I know you think you’re like helping the world because if you buy a pair then the company gives some

Mission bay under crane

Sweet street treats: apt furnishings found on this week’s SF walks

What I found on Baker St…total score

Hey! That’s the view from my park – see it everyday on my walk. Beautiful Alamo Square, San Francisco. Yay!