Id? Super cool rooftop plant….

Staple art…from j staley

Is it really “sustainable” to spend millions of dollars and consume fuel/resources (human, powered, or otherwise) to “re-create” nature? At what point did we decide that a certain landscape should remain in that desired state forever? Are many of our coastlines really any more natural than a grown-over parking lot

Check out for super cool lectures on enviro history + human landscapes!

Red garnet mustard ready to plant…is there enough daylight yet? Want to get it outside!

After my pictures earlier this week, found some more info on the Mission Bay redevelopment in SF … here’s a link to some info about some of their parks. I was happy to note that I can continue my now ten-month tradition of collecting “do not … ”

Neon! Surprise art project coming soon.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Why yes, I AM making Meyer Lemon Yogurt Muffins with a dollop of Orland, Maine crystallized honey instead of applying to more jobs as I should be. Delicious tangeriney lemon smell = 1. Boring gray laptop in dark bedroom = 0.0

SANDERLINGS….cutest birds in all the land! Saw them at Baker Beach this past week, pecking at little crustaceans/eggs/algae as the waves receded. They only ran this close to me because the wave was coming 🙂