So gross. But it makes a yummy drink. Until fruit flies decide they love it too.

Wanna see what a full grown rubbery kombucha mother looks like?

What superbowl?

Words That Could Conceivably Be Used to Describe Both the Super Bowl and a Superb Owl

Check out the details at their website here.

Food, foraging, treats…and an insiders fishing workshop I TOTALLY missed signing up for 🙁 So excited to figure out how to get free food and especially seafood – just need to relearn my childhood fishing skillz.

Free Street Treats to New “Custom” Desk…

Apparently the Plum blossoms are blooming (end of January). I’m so confused. I also just read on this blog there are ALSO cherry blossoms, at the more respectably springlike time of April. So wierd! What are the seasons here anyway? Can I put out my plants yet? I

succulent garden between pier 39 and the fishermen’s wharf. think the tourists notice the cool unique gardens growing in the misty harborside microclimate?