What is this pretty tree blooming in the rain (and shading my back garden space..)

Not only would this help with the streams of urine, dog feces, motor oil infested riffles of water coursing down every available surface when it rains – it looks quite nice too and would provide a LOT more light to grow plants than my current

Check out the SF Parks Trust projects page here… pretty cool, huh? I plan to sign up to volunteer. Ever walked by an empty yard in a business, a brown corner filled with trash, an unused curb space and want to plant something it it?

logo for national invasive species week – not only surprised they have a logo, but it’s pretty gross too! where are all the vines growing over the letters?

Never really heard of miner’s lettuce before – apparently it’s in season RIGHT NOW in Northern California. I’ll keep my eyes open this weekend when I head up past Nevada City for a night of winter hut camping! I have a feeling with this weekend’s forecast, however, it might be

Just Won’t Die:

  • Owls
  • General Woodland Creatures

Even “Portlandia” Made Fun of it:

  • Birds

Completely co-opted by Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie three years ago:

  • Squirrels
  • Baby Deer
  • Deer Antlers
  • Ironic Unicorns
  • Ironic Wolves

Still Going Strong On Etsy:

  • Squid
  • Octopus
  • Animals

Hi, I need help figuring out what on earth will grow behind my apartment building! It is between two other buildings and has a giant tree overshadowing it. I think it gets very little if any light. I am learning that little, if any, food products will grow back there.

I had a laugh yesterday sitting on the overcrowded “5” MUNI as we rounded the corner onto Market street and a flashy mint-ice-cream-green vintage streetcar pulled up next to us with the words “D.C. Transit” painted on the side in juicy melon orange.

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I was walking on Baker Street today and after yesterday’s rant about better use of sidewalks, pedestrian zones and permeable surfaces, I was surprised to notice that the sidewalk was even wider than I thought. I counted eight pavers from the edge of the buildings to the street. I don’t