Miner’s Lettuce – once I read about it, it was hard not to miss it on my walk! Bright green cups with tiny white flowers nestled inside – almost looks like a candidate for one of those Victorian era fairy illustrations, doesn’t it? I didn’t eat it.

Can you help me I.D. this fragrantly blooming SF sidewalk tree? It smells so lovely and floral, like jasmine, with shiny green leaves and tiny white blooms. It’s growing up and down Golden Gate Avenue. I don’t know what it is, do you?

Dino-riffic knitted bike rack cover! Spotted @western addition library

Another sweet bike rack tube sock….@western addition library. Yay for anonymous guerilla art!

Springtime green lemon on golden gate

Brunch color

Never thought I’d live somewhere you’d get a tsunami warning!

Amazing color photo of the shockwaves starting in Japan (from NOAA) 

Went for a wander on the Tennessee Valley Trail in Marin County yesterday. There was sooo much to see and hear! It was uniquely wonderful being away from the constant onslaught of background noise in the city. I could actually hear the waves crashing in the distance more than a

After learning what it was earlier this week, I was thrilled to see big patches of Miner’s lettuce growing all over Buena Vista park. It was lush and juicy and green and I was surprised to see how many pretty little white flowers were in the cups of the leaves.