That’s just like, your opinion, man. Having flashbacks to a big lebowski party in orono, maine. Deep midwinter 2005. “Salty dog” white russians.


Abide by Dave MacDowell

Want, Want, and….Want. Yes to dormer bedrooms, skylights and low profile beds. Not 100% about the chandelier and definitely a no on white floors (unless you have a housekeeper).

Final post about Transportation Camp (hosted by OpenPlans @SF Public Works this past weekend)  to wrap up my notes. In addition to the previous post on Sexy Transit, I also attended three other sessions on Saturday.

Session #1

The first session I attended was also my


I would like one of these now, please


Lunch (via foodiehunter)

After the morning session at Transportation Camp West, and a well-earned burrito from Tonayense (requiring a 10 minute wait in some very cold rain), I headed off to a session called “Sexy Transit”, with more than a few others. In fact, it was standing room only in the little gallery

Welcome first day of spring waving your pollen outside my window

Such an awesome conference! Check out that sweet art piece on the wall too at SF Public Works venue…


Bruins for Transit Relief at TransportationCamp West, from LA Streetsblog

Just headed up my first unconference session! Not as scary as I expected 😉

going to a big unconference on “transportation” writ large tomorrow in downtown sf. excited about the format and attendees – worried that i’m going to find a lot of people working my dream job, which is going to make me feel worse about being an unaffiliated job seeker 😐


Another botanical mystery atop Buena Vista Park – what the heck is this bush/shrub/tree? It had odd figlike/oak leaf shaped leaves and strange fruits all over it, in addition to some pretty nasty spikes!