I was just alerted to the existence of this plan for redeveloping Fisherman’s Wharf to be more ped-friendly, use the waterfront more attractively, etc. 

graphic from SF Planning Dept

Now, I know I’m late on this, but I *did* move here only a

First summer bramble-roses found next to sidewalk – more fragrant than anything you’d find at the flowershop

Touted as photoshop + painting for lazy people. Upload a photo … 

and Psykopaint it.  

There are WAYYYY too many effects for me to play with right now, but it’s a fitting end post to a day filled with scanning design inspirations

Since I got a sewing machine for Christmas, I’ve been dreaming up things to sew as soon as I have a job and can afford lots and lots of fabric. One reason is because nothing off the rack ever fits my waist, which doesn’t look good to start, and is

I have a tin of anchovies sitting in the cupboard. I have never used them and I’m a little intimidated. I was going to make parsley, garlic and anchovy over pasta, but after Jonathan’s reaction to me opening the jar of brined radishes, I’m reconsidering this aromatic prelude to

Seriously rainy day. The only reason to leave was to take out smelly chicken trash – this means I should either go veg, so I don’t have to go out at all, or flipside, get a job and have to leave in the AM?

Just found this great, although older, article from the SPUR Urbanist, which discusses the growth in job markets outside of traditional city downtowns and the effect on transit, land use, commuting decisions, etc. I found this particularly interesting re: the discussion about commuter vanpools and so on at

I may not have gotten a job today but I did brine some carrots and radishes a la Alice Waters! (the boiled vinegar, peppercorns, cloves and brown sugar smell amazing, by the way)

Adobe has a preeeeeeetty sweet HQ. Reminds me of the old mill building in Lewiston…exposed brick, wood beams.