Check out the all-natural colouring on my new bottle of homemade meyer limoncello

My new snail friend…part of our new escargot pod now “detoxing” in the kitchen for a couple weeks before we try eating them




Meanwhile Above The Fog…

Why can’t I recuperate HERE?


Tiny House Blog

Check out my new hardware (it looks like a framing brace, which does NOT belong in my foot)

Making the letter z with a foot full of screws and hardware: official hardest thing I have done all week

Places suitable for gimps with folding chairs part 1: East side Treasure Island

Places suitable for gimps part 2: Sutro baths parking lot

Wal-Mart. Yes. Scooter. Only way I can shop.

Yes, I know there haven’t been as many scintillating posts on landscape and urban issues lately. Not as many pictures either. You see, I was in a bicycle accident a couple weeks ago where I fractured my foot.

I had emergency surgery. Now I’m recovering