I was nostalgically checking up on DC today via DCist and saw this little gem from my “sort of” alma mater (does it count if you only did your Masters there, and kind of hated it?). So pathetic! I’m glad to know that

You’ve probably already seen this graphic (below). It’s all over the NY Times, Huffington Post, and our favorite love-to-hate-‘em Slow Food USA. I’m proud to announce that the newest foodie and gardener graphic du jour originates from my great home state of Maine, via Kitchen Gardens International. Unfortunately,

Banked by clouds and neatly edged plumes of native plants and herbs, the golden gate bridge swings between two coasts. Absent in this photo, idling diesel-engined buses disgorge swarms of sightseers armed with professional nikon lenses and completely unnecessary sunhats. They amble up the short concrete ramp to chatter

Meyer lemon marmalade-surprise delicious! It really works. Made for a panna cotta topping. Still more lemons to use though!

Success! My first tailored men’s piece in wool herringbone.

You can read more about her insane crochet needles of incredible power here as well as see more of her crocheted apartment (including humanoids in crocheted camouflage body suits). 

Why can’t life be more like a stock photo? This looks nice. I’d like to be wearing a pair of soft velour sweatpants while I cradle a steaming cup of joe, glancing up from my expensive MacBook out of the sunny window while my handsome mate quaffs his morning

As a job seeker, you have probably felt rejected at times. Sometimes potential employers are rejected too. I enjoy pre-rejecting organizations as possible partners when they use poor grammar and cringe-inducing “hip” or “funny” jargon in their job announcements or mission statements. I’ve found a disturbing trend of blatant misspellings