Work Night (the good kind)

A Tupolev 144 – if you’re not already scared of flying you would be boarding this awkward seagull of the sky (from

If you know me, you also know that I developed a completely irrational fear of flying about two years ago. If you

Summersun finally brought my star jasmine to life. Thanks sister Sally for the long awaited birth of my Christmas gift!

Happy summer solstice! Last of the meyer lemons-time for more limoncello + lemonade.

Gary the pigeon who lives in the ventilation shaft between our kitchen and the building next door

My bathroom window is finally getting sun (thanks summer solstice!) I retrieved my herbs from Concord to live here a while.

Kebab. Color. Summer. I’m not in San Francisco today 😉

My mother just mailed me this book. It has a lot of glossy pictures. The girl who wrote it kind of has my dream job (and definitely has had an assortment of my dream apartments – the kind that have a deck or roof for container gardening!) 

Can partnership save California parks? AB 42, California Assembly bill for “Keeping State Parks Open” passed through the state house, and must now pass the senate. What do you think? Is partnering more closely with “approved nonprofit” organizations the way forward? Is there a better incentive

You can tell by their “flocculent” covering. I googled it. Sick. Seriously, I had no idea what these disgusting little aphid things were on my nice new aeonium (repotted and rehomed from concord, ca to my apartment in sf). Its leaves were falling off and I suddenly spotted these white