ello everyone. This week’s streetwalk is off-road. Thus, less architecture and urbanism talk, and a bit more marine biology. Join me on the west side of San Francisco, where the Pacific Ocean crashes into the land. I hopped on my bike and rode from my apartment, through the Panhandle, on

DIY: Recycled Paper Plantable Valentine’s Hearts. 

Looking for a sweet Valentine project? Try this fun project – all you’ll need is a pile of recycled paper (hello junk mail!), some water, and some seeds. You’ll create sweet homemade paper hearts embedded with seeds, and your Valentine will be able to

I toted my camera along with me on a walk to the Post Office the other day. It was about 3 in the afternoon, with scudding white clouds across a blue sky – very warm temperatures. Between the clouds (instead of fog) and the temperature, it was hard to believe

A stunningly washed out palette from my trip to Arizona for Christmas. We packed up the car after a Christmas morning brunch of lox bagels over gift opening and drove for hours and hours through the central valley of California. Eating kettle corn for dinner and arriving at our

experiments in block printing for christmas gifts this year. handmade linen tea towels and cotton canvas duck envelope-style pillow cases. the most successful prints (shown here) were cutouts of thin foam glued onto corrugated cardboard. this provided adequate “give” to get the prints to completely transfer to the fabric

A sweet wintry photoset from the Sierras this December. Little snow cover on the ground, hiking in to a fire tower to spend two toasty nights. Waking up to creaking ice on the wooden roof and delicate hoarfrost crystals on the catwalk. Jeffrey pines encrusted in frost, mysterious valley

sf conservatory colors

#unconference #citycamp #codeforamerica we’re here changing the city this Saturday. Join us!

public lands ftw #yosemite

freezing out 2014 in yosemite. happy 2015 everyone and hope its like the eagles “I gotta peaceful easy feelin”