I can ride an exercise bike at the gym now. I know it’s fake, but at least I can start doing cardio. I am supposed to be 50% weightbearing by the end of next week, but it will be 6-12 months before I will have enough strength and stability to

Aerial rendering of SF (left) and Yerba Buena/Planned TI Development (right) via Skidmore, Owings + Merrill

The SF Board of Supes recently gave the go-ahead to a billion dollar plan to redevelop Treasure Island, a flat and wind-scoured artificial island built from fill in the

Hah, loving Jim Behrle. Check out his cartoons on the Hairpin, too! 


“We Just Tell You What’s Happening on Blogs And Twitter”

Check out my latest writeup of this design for a border crossing from Shenzhen to Hong Kong masquerading as a high-tech eco-utopia that would employ biofilters to absorb vehicular pollutants. 

Photo via AETER Architects

I can “walk” with crutches now! Only one more month until I’m allowed to walk full on my foot. How many more months until I can do yoga, ride a bike (anyone have one for sale?), learn to paddleboard, or god forbid, go backpacking? I wonder if the extra weight

Cranes at SFGH twin peaks fog

Ok, ok, so I know they didn’t eat at any of the “good” restaurants in DC, but it’s still funny. I especially appreciated the “elderly” salad greens they enjoyed at the NJ Turnpike Burger King, which I have totally been to. I am reliving many now happily distant memories of

SF MoMA rooftop before the fog rolled in to freeze me! 

Pretty bat star at cal academy of science

Surgical grade