I never heard of Alabama Chanin upcycled/“slow sewn”/sustainable couture until today. Check out that gorgeous corset made from teeshirts! I would love to sew myself something that gorgeous. I might have to check out her book. Anyone want to start a craft project

Have you heard of Mat Pringle? He’s a British illustrator who took the California bear as a subject for a series of delightful illustrations. You should check out his website for more. 

Aphids infest my basil, I nearly choke after realizing I may have eaten some. PS I spent the morning “showering” my plants and spraying them with Dr Bronners….

What a dreamy desk! Ugh I can’t believe my drawing pads are STILL PACKED (sacrilege!)


Lynda Barry’s desk top. The book in this picture, “Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice” by Ivan Brunetti will be used in the class she’s teaching in the spring of 2012 at

Betcha wish you were having this lime curd-blackberry-italian meringue pie I just made!

Photo above of Montclair home in SF Chronicle this past week

If I see one more “modern” home staged with those cowhide rugs, giant flatscreen TVs and faux eames rocking chairs, I’m going to scream. At least it seems like people have finally stopped

If you’re my neighbor in Alamo Square, come out on Saturday to browse some crafting and interiors inspirations with me! 

Urbanist and architect Inaki Echeverria has spearheaded a proposal to create a giant urban park and waterscape in the central Mexico City valley that would regenerate an area once covered by a now dissipated Lake Texcoco. A prime example of a human landscape, the endorheic

Bunny nuggets done!

The girls at honestlywtf! have some really fun DIY jewelry and clothing ideas – if you’re sitting around in your backyard this weekend I highly recommend crafting yourself something while you listen to This American Life or something. Or perhaps drinking a homebrew. Check out their wrap bracelet