Beercan chicken with colorful fall veggies from the Divisadero farmers market


Shibori experiment pillowcases w/ natural indigo

The birds!

Good morning financial district, with your gray lines and your giant air handlers

Photo by Flickr user “ScaryDan” – from the Olafur Arnalds Flickr Pool art project!

Check out Olafur’s work (you can also download some of his songs here for free to check it out). Love the minimalist, airy feel and classical tunes

Too many doughnuts

John Crispin’s photography of these old suitcases from the attic of an asylum that was closed in the 1960s (though much of the contents appear quite a bit older than the 60’s) is really fascinating. Though most of these items must have appeared

Sunday Surf #notsnowing

Happy Halloween! Creepy/amazing video above, via The Hairpin