Check out this cute cabin – and the interesting story behind its red colour …


Wooden buildings often aren’t arbitrarily red.

Falu red (pronounced “FAH-loo”, in Swedish it’s Falu rödfärg) is the name of a Swedish, deep red paint well known for its use on

Making simple syrup, dicing brown mushrooms, sauteeing chard, rolling pastry…don’t you wish you were coming to urban eating league tonight?

It’s seasonal in California: orange olive oil cake

Sunset cliffs sunday

Oranges and blue succulents – winter in San Diego!

Phil is growing! Finally, a plant that can survive in our dungeonpartment.

Lobster table almost done


More soon on the above projects…

  • Shibori dyeing (moderate success)
  • Custom ottoman (aesthetic success; functional failure)
  • Masking tape chevron canvas floormat (creation problematic; functional success)
  • Various paper ornaments (success; failure to upload DIYs in time for Christmas!)
  • Red hot coffee table with lobster stencil (in progress)

At Pfeiffer Big Sur for a Maine-less Christmas (tears). You can’t see it but all the other tourists there were taking the exact same photo. I’m very original.

This year will involve:

  • Getting one plant to grow in thrive in a dark apartment
  • Making

NYE Painting. Happy 2012!!