Quilt complete!

Beets – from two shoots to millions of magenta social climbers overnight!

Ruby queen beets sprouting after only four days….the mega growlight works!

My lovely Baxter, who we got as a puppy when I was just 15, died today in Maine. She is also the mother of our numb nuts big guy Findus, who will miss her terribly. I love you Baxie 

Quilt part one done!

Hey Kids! Learn yourselves how to make a birdfeeder out of junk from your recycling bin. Check out my new DIY instructional over at to make your own!

Sunday project! This is my first quilt – that I started way back in October when I was home in Maine. Got in the mood to finish up all the squares. Can’t wait for our new coverlet to be done! (listening to This American Life is the perfect accompaniment

It must be spring – just ordered some seeds! Trying for round two of a shade garden: last year I broke my foot on April 1st, so I actually haven’t tried growing anything out back our apartment in the spring/summer season. I’m hoping it will get marginally more dappled

Do you think increased fines will actually make people care about parking blocking the sidewalk? Or crosswalks? Or handicap-accessible curb cuts? There is an SFMTA meeting upcoming on increasing fines on many of these daily occurrences. Have you ever seen anyone out enforcing?

I often see the little