My workout today…biking the bridge on her 75th anniversary! Go international orange!

What am I? (@ the DeYoung SF)

Eclipse of the sun!

Ever gorgeous desert light. Blooming cacti. Decades of slow growing yucca fibers, saving their energy for large, rustling blooms. Hot, silent, flickering lizards. Long shadows, quick sunsets. 

Indio windfarms. 85 on the ground, snow up top.

DIY Earring Holder made from a recycled box lid, yarn and fabric. DIY instructional coming soon! 

Camping in Kirby Cove. Foghorns, starfish, dead birds, wildflowers, tugboats, and more! Check out the full post at OhHaiCa to see more photos. Learn about Cowparsnips, Brassica Rapa, and other wonderments of Marin County. 


Hey, the Wigg Party is sponsoring the next edition of the Urban Eating League this coming Sunday! You know you don’t want to miss eating local, homemade treats and meeting your neighbors (all while dressed up with your team!) so sign up here!

Manifest Destiny! A tiny pioneer’s cabin clings to a San Francisco high rise

Have you seen this neat piece of public art yet? If you were walking downtown around Bush and Grant, you’d have to look up above to spot it. A truly unique collaboration between designers Jenny