Koko, my new Kokedama (japanese moss ball with bonsai fern)!

The team ready to snowshoe Truckee-Donner State Park on New Year’s Eve 2012! Note my new mittens – the rainbow hued “After the Rain” mittens knitted by my mother Mary O’Shea and given to me for Christmas. Did you know she’s a published designer? You can find the

Home for this holiday…the southernmost point of the US!

You need some of my needhams! Classic Maine recipe.

Cardboard Christmas Tree!

Christmas Aloe Sports Tiny Christmas Trees

Holiday rainy night at the Mission Mercado

No fancy dogs are allowed to poop in pac heights

A typical ugly San Francisco streetscape. Wasted space, pedestrian unfriendly (lots of curb cuts for cars to park over the sidewalk and bock access), no greenery, water impermeable, and simply hideous.