Step 2 of new table makeover

No comment. 

Vista from the 30th floor of the new Hysan Place development by KPF in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Great view, marred by smog from marine emissions, vehicular emissions, and industrial pollution from the mainland. 

Hong Kong’s high rise world

Day of wandering in Hong Kong – bamboo scaffolding; cat-fitti; mall decorations

Hong Kong February 2013 – First Day; wandering around town. Fresh fish (and razor clams in rubber bands!; stray cats, high rises; and more. Wan Chai, Western, Causeway Bay. 

Good morning hong Kong!

Big bird to take me to hong kong!

via Copenhagenize

Captures the city experience perfectly. If you live in the modern American zoned-only-for-residences newly built exurb of townhomes, however, you can change the pedestrian structure to more like a widely spaced series of dotted lines, no crosswalks. Just don’t walk. 


Too bad most of the greenery I saw on my walk today was headed to the chipper.