the “shy” light emulates a flower blooming at the #mocd museum of craft and design in #dogpatch at the #dutchdesign show

part of an upcoming project. any guesses?

new colored pencils

DIY Upcycled Travelling Picnic Blanket 

Its summer, which means its time to sit outdoors quaffing beer and delicately spearing olives with a toothpick. The challenge is getting comfortable on hot sand, pigeon-y urban concrete, scratchy drought-dried grass (for us Californians) and splintery decks. The answer is a cute, compact picnic

URBNPLAY: Yoga in the Alley Part II

Taught a sunny, lovely free yoga class honoring the Summer Solstice on Sunday! Part of the Greenalleys project, repurposing and re-imagining alleys as a vibrant neighborhood space for multiple activities.


Our private island campsite: granite, rockscrambling, brook trout and only a few mosquitoes. So grateful to live in a state and country where this landscape has been preserved for playing, enjoying, experiencing only by foot and under the stars.


Enjoying this delicious, colorful, organic produce picked with grubby little child fingers over at Eatwell Farm. Spending a week with 4th-6th graders, San Francsico chefs and bakers, and the lovely ladies of Bayleaf Kitchen, teaching kids about sustainable agriculture, cooking, and tasting a delicious variety of healthy,

URBNPLAY: Yoga in the Alley

Thanks to all the lovely yogis who showed up for my free outdoor class with the wind rustling in the palms this morning! Activate public space, be healthy, enjoy the outdoors, take it over, humans not cars.

This class is part of the

a blue bloom of #velella and a strong onshore wind means a very squishy run at #oceanbeach #sf today

a giant spiny agave in potrero hill. check human for size comparison. this specimen had been “de-clawed” (to prevent snagging passersby?) – check out the tips of the leaves. agaves are a lovely drought-tolerant plant for your new california drought friendly landscaping – you’re already putting it in, right?