“Eighty percent of everything ever built in America has been built in the last fifty years, and most of it is depressing, brutal, ugly, unhealthy, and spiritually degrading – the jive-plastic commuter tract home wastelands, the Potemkin village shopping plazas with their vast parking lagoons, the Lego-block hotel complexes, the

A PARKCYCLE! Check it out on Rebar’s blog. How much do you love the little kid in boots riding along?¬†

SF Bay by water….sailing Sunday !



Tabletop decor on a summer afternoon

Knotting string plant holder made from recyclables – new DIY is live here!¬†Remember, I can’t condone it unless you use a recycled glass jar or plastic container….the US has the highest rate of packaging waste in the world, so get cracking!

Stacy’s back! Some bruises and scratches, plus some pretty new bar tape.

New DIY post is live Рmake your own mini wall planter for your home or cubicle! Check out the full instructions and photos here. 

April 26 – weekend in the Marble Mountain Wilderness. Salmon River. 29 types of pines, firs, spruces, junipers, cedars. Dozens of birds, dutifully recorded by fellow Batesie Brandon Breen. Bacon duly cooked. Quietness you only get after following a winding river deeper into the forest for three hours. Hiking