Gorgeous pink wild (?) peas #marinheadlands #summer

What a fantastic building. What if the new #tackyboxes sf is approving looked like cruise liners and had murals and balconies? #filbert

#marinheadlands old military infrastructure turned geometric counterpoint to nature

#cardoonariff #cardoonselfie

Hello, San Francisco! We put all the gorgeous multicolored Victorians on the postcards and the posters, but we actually paint almost everything a terrible, washed out shade of beige, inside and out. Nice contrast with the concrete, and the fog. 


Beige is

#nofilter #mendocino wish i could stay forever. Quiet. Conifers. Warm. Sunny. Bees. Stars.

Sf #fireboat enjoying its day on the bay

Check out my latest DIY post to style an old tank top in three new ways! Its summer, and instead of throwing out an old tank – why not get creative and create a whole new look using your own unique style! Try this fun tutorial yourself. 

Bracelets diy

My newest DIY instructional for making your own block printed textiles from veggies (like yams and potatoes!) is live on Inhabitat. Check it out here and try your hand at making unique self-made textiles, tea towels, pillows, gifts, cards and more!