Just got my southern exposure order! So excited- going to plant now!!

Finally bought some netting today to cover the back garden – as the alley cats thought 4 hours after me completely re-doing and planting seeds would be a great time to dig it up and shit their disgusting, paint-peeling yellow nastiness in my garden.

Almost time to pick the cayennes and dry them! Just need a few more sunny days. Dave, our landlady’s handyman, cleared away all the mystery vines, trees, and plants that were growing all over the back fence (including one that is apparently poisonous which explains my arm rashes …) so

Ordering seeds from the Southern Exposure Seed exchange, an organic company specializing in local and heirloom seeds from Virginia. Perhaps I’ll have more luck with seeds that have traditionally grown here? Going to try for some fall specialties like radishes, swiss chard, and peas. It will be another experiment –