Mission Bay Redevelopment

After my pictures earlier this week, found some more info on the Mission Bay redevelopment in SF … here’s a link to some info about some of their parks. I was happy to note that I can continue my now ten-month tradition of collecting “do not … ” graphic signage:

I think that means you can’t do child’s pose in hexagonal shaped areas at Mission Creek 🙂 However, you’ll be glad to know they allow roller skating on the paved areas along the creek. I, for one, know that I’ll be seeing lots of native waterfowl from the cruizin’ 4-MPH speeds of my laceup roller skates. Heck yes! Here’s a little on the history, which explains why I thought it looked a lot like a bigger version of the end of Commerical Street in Portland, Maine – because it DID used to be shipbuilding and fishing. Now, the area has turned to the less odiferous and more pedestrian business of redevelopment, via condos, office parks, and lots of stragetically place pampas grass clumps. Still, it’s sunny and quiet and definitely worth a stroll!

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