Planting in the bath! Couldn’t wait to move in/get furniture/get a job – and still need to figure out how to tackle the shady back yard area. No idea what will grow there. In the meantime, I’m going to use our super cool mini greenhouse window over the tub (bonus steam watering!) by growing some plants. To start, we see several super cool blue square pots that I picked up for $3.90 each at a pottery/garden store in Oakland by the I-80 bridge overpass, run by two completely crazy half toothless guys who weren’t so great with English but were totally sold on getting me some potting soil and off price pots. Then I picked up a jar ful of assorted succulents (California is FULL OF SUCCULENTS). I don’t know what any of them are. So I picked up a bunch of baby succulents from the mother plants in my aunt’s yard in Concord. The kind that have little rootlets. I hope they grow!

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