Garden Project: San Francisco Edition

So we finally finished our epic weeks long trip across the country and have finally gotten ourselves an apartment in San Francisco. Obviously, in such a big and expensive city, all my wildest apartment dreams did not come true. We do have a little courtyard/yardy thing out back for everyone to share – and true to approximately 90% of the places we saw, there was nothing done to the space whatsoever, aside from some dried leaves, dead plants and patchy grass. Unfortunately, this space is verrrrry shady as there’s a large tree over it and it’s between two buildings. I’m sure “something” will grow, and I will let you know as soon as I formulate a plan. In the meantime, we’re working on getting at least some furniture into the apartment, buying a bike for me, and starting up some small potted plants inside. Looking forward to adventures in the new city and getting connected with others interested in gardening, aesthetic adventures, and using space in creative ways!

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