This is the new 16th Street NW contraflow bike lane at Q street, heading south on Martin Luther King Day. See how great it works? Not only do you have to come to halting skid at every cross (ie: every block) because traffic and pedestrians are NOT expecting 20 MPH traffic coming in the wrong direction, but the lane is not cleaned because now it’s apparently not “road”. This section was a giant pile of refuse, leaves, bottles, trash, McDonald’s bags and other junk. Additionally, for the final 4 blocks of the route, the “bike lane” was little more than a poor excuse for a pothole storage unit, complete with mountains of gravel and giant holes that are more than a match for the average slick-tired city road bike. Another though – how the hell are you supposed to make a left turn if you’re 3 lanes to the right on a one way road, going the WRONG way? Giant bike lane fail. How about just painting them on the way the other ones are – with the flow of traffic, so everyone can just follow the regular road rules and the junk and potholes get fixed along with everything else?

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